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Lincoln-Adams residents can contact the Extension Office for hard copy or make appointment for computer access from the office. 659-3209 or email

Lincoln-Adams Horse ID Forms and Commitment Forms and Risk Forms should be turned in with your 4-H Enrollment Forms

2014-2015 Forms are available from your 4-H Leader or the Extension Office and below:

Lincoln-Adams 4-H Horse ID Form (PDF)      Word
Commitment Form
Assumption of Risk Form (Back of Commitment Form)

More forms & publications

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Mtg.

Next meeting: (date & time change)
Monday, November 3, 2014
7:00 pm
Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds Office Meeting Room,
Davenport, WA

4-H Horse Program meetings are open to all 4H Horse Leaders, Family 4-H leaders, and teen members! If you are interested in being a part of the Horse Leaders Council…Please attend!!! We need your ideas and input for the future of the Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program. 

"See" you there!
Robin Nachtigal (509) 725-0013
Lincoln County 4-H Horse Council Facilitator


Upcoming Horse Events Calendar (PDF)    (Word)

4-H Working Ranch Horse Program

in Spokane Co. is also open to currently enrolled 4-H Horse Project Members in Lincoln and Adams counties. (So, if interested, make sure you are enrolled and your horse ID forms are in for 2014!)

December 13-14
4-H Working Ranch Horse Educational Day 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Kate McCloskey
WSU-Spokane County Extension
4-H Program Coordinator
509-477-2165  or 509-979-9118
Spokane County 4-H Website:

"Horsing around"
reduces stress in youth

New research from Washington State University reveals how youth who work with horses experience a substantial reduction in stress -- and the evidence lies in kids’ saliva.

Horse looking out of stall
Pokey, a big, loveable Quarter horse gelding, is one of the equines in the PATH program.

“We were coming at this from a prevention perspective” said Patricia Pendry, a developmental psychologist at WSU who studies how stress “gets under the skin” and its relationship to human development and prevention programs. “We are especially interested in optimizing healthy stress hormone production in young adolescents, because we know from other research that healthy stress hormone patterns can protect against the development of physical and mental health problems.” READ MORE HERE

WSU Equine Newsletter

CLICK here for Link to the Newsletter from WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine.

My Horse University Graphic
Free Web Casts
from My Horse University & eXtension

eXtension is an interactive learning environment delivering the best, most researched knowledge from the smartest land-grant university minds across America. Visit eXtension’s HorseQuest section for web casts, videos, articles and links to resources. You can also subscribe to an “e-Tips” electronic newsletter for horse owners and enthusiasts, featuring a Question of the Month, Photo of the Month, monthly e-Tips on nutrition, grooming, feeding, as well as information on new equine-related learning lessons.

Links to Past Webcasts are available:


· Countermeasures for Equine Laminitis  
· Feeding Management in a Time of Rising  Feed Prices 
· Conformation and Selection of Horses   
·  Horse Manure: A Renewable Resource   ·  Pasture Management   
·  Selecting the Right Youth Horse · Equine Genetics 101
·  Environmentally Friendly Horse Management 
· The Foaling Mare   · Equine Stress  · Poisonous Plants   
· Top Ten Tips for Coaching Youth Riders       · Weaning a Foal 
· The Unwanted Horse     · Vaccinating Your Horse 
· Reducing Risks on the Horse Farm    · Broodmare Nutrition    
· Conditioning Your Horse for the Show Season    · Hay Selection  

My Horse University is a national online program based at Michigan State University in partnership with the Equine Network and eXtension’s HorseQuest.  To learn more visit  If you have questions, please contact or (517)353-3123.  


Li. Co. 4-H Horse Program Meeting Minutes

Minutes 4/7/14 (Word)                   Minutes 4/7/14 (PDF)

Minutes 3/3/14 (Word)                   Minutes 3/3/14 (PDF)

Minutes 11/4/13 (Word)          Minutes 11/4/13 (PDF)

Minutes October 2013

Minutes 9/9/13 (Word)          Minutes 9/9/13 (PDF)

Minutes 6/25/13 (Word)         Minutes 6/25/13 (PDF)

Minutes 6/3/13

Minutes 4/8/13

Minutes 10/1/12 (Word)         Minutes 10/1/12 (PDF)

Minutes 8/6/12 (Word)           Minutes 8/6/12 (PDF)    

Minutes 6/11/12 (Word)         Minutes 6/11/12 (PDF)

Minutes 4/9/12 (Word)           Minutes (4/9/12 (PDF)

Minutes 3/5/12 (Word)           Minutes 3/5/12 (PDF)

Minutes 11/14/11 (Word)        Minutes 11/14/11 (PDF)

Minutes 10/3/011 (Word)        Minutes 10/3/11 (PDF)

Minutes 8/1/11 (Word)            Minutes 8/1/11 (PDF)

Minutes 7/11/11 (Word)         Minutes 7/11/11 (PDF)

Minutes 6/6/11 (Word)            Minutes 6/6/11 (PDF)

Minutes 4/4/11 (Word)           Minutes 4/4/11 (PDF)

Minutes 3/7/11 (Word)            Minutes 3/7/11 (PDF)

Minutes - 11/1/10 (Word)        Minutes 11/1/10 (PDF)

Minutes -10/4/2010 (Word)      Minutes 10/4/2010 (PDF)   

6/14/10 Minutes (Word)          6/14/10 Minutes (PDF)

Older Minutes archived. Avaialable on request from the Extension Office.

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Contacts
Facilitator: Robin Nachtigal
Secretary: Justine Winn
Treasurer: Denise Wollweber
Summer Sizzler Chair Robin Nachtigal
Equine State Fair Entries Justine Winn
Li. Co. Horse Program Records & Forms Chair -
Extension Office will forward Horse ID & Commitment forms to Records Chair in April.
Janet O'Neil

Horse Program Dates

Note: Horse ID Forms must be on file to attend most 4-H Horse Events -Click Here for more info.

If you have trouble opening forms using Internet Explorer on the Spokane 4-H website - they recommend trying the Firefox browser. Spokane Calendar

- Oct. 1 New 4-H Year starts
- Oct. 4 Competitive Trail Ride
Sponsored by Spokane Co. 4-H
- Oct. 20 Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Meeting
Davenport, WA
- Oct. 26 Reardan Renegades II Enrollment Meeting
1:30 Village Centre Cinemas - Airway Heights
Contact: Clair Pimley 509-796-2257
- Nov. 26,
Club & member enrollments and horse ID forms due to the Extension Office
- Dec 13-14 4-H Working Ranch Horse Educational Day
Sponsored by Spokane Co. 4-H
- Jan 24, 2015 4-H Working Ranch Horse Skills Chekoff
- April 1 Final deadline for Lincoln-Adams Horse Project Enrollment and Horse ID form submission to be eligible for 4-H competition.
- ? Lincoln County Fair
- Sept. 3-6 Wheat Land Communities Fair

    Lincoln-Adams & Other 4-H Calendars

Spokane Co. 4-H Events
Note: If you have trouble opening forms using Internet Explorer on the Spokane 4-H website - they recommend trying the Firefox browser.

Click Here for Spokane County 4-H CALENDAR

Click here for Spokane Co. 4-H Horse Program


Lincoln-Adams WA Horse Project FORMS

DESCRIPTION of Horse Project Enrollment Process & Form Submission (PDF)

Li-Adams 4-H Horse Program "Horse ID Sheet" 
  REVISED for 2014                    

  ID Form:   PDF      Word
  Commitment Form: PDF      Word
  Assumption of Risk Form (Back of Commitment Form)

  Were Due April 1, 2014 to:
 WSU Extension, 210 W Broadway, Ritzville, WA 99169

Deadline: April 1, 2014.
Form must indicate equine under member's care & management prior to March 24th for State Fair qualifiers.

Horse ID photos from previous years can be used as long as color and general frame has not changed significantly due to change in age. 

Members who add or change 4-H project horses can re-submit ID Sheets up until April 1, 2014 and still be eligible for competition. ID Sheets should also be submitted for any equines as soon as aquired for use in 4-H throughout the year. If a member's only project horse is lost or becomes unsound after April 1st he/she can submit a horse ID form for a replacement equine along with a written explanation and request to the County 4-H Horse Council. Restrictions for competition and/or premiums/ribbons may apply. Lincoln Co. Horse Members should refer to the Li. Co. 4-H Horse Policy 

Lincoln Co. Horse Program Commitment Form  
REVISED for 2014                      PDF      Word

Were Due April 1, 2014 to:
WSU Extension, 210 W Broadway, Ritzville, WA 99169

Required for all Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Project members (exception for Horseless project members.) Also recommended for Adams Co. 4-H horse project members and REQUIRD for those who may want to participate in the Summer Sizzler Horse Show & State Fair Horse Events.

Assumption of Risk Form PDF  

OR use Risk Form on other side of Commitment Form
Were Due April 1, 2014 to:
WSU Extension, 210 W Broadway, Ritzville, WA 99169

Emergency Medical Release (PDF)   Word  
Optional - but highly recommended
Provide to your 4-H leader at beginning of year or on day of event.

A longer Participant Health form which may be required for some events (camps/overnights) is available from the Extension Office.

Leaders should keep completed forms in a secure traveling file to take to events.


4-H Horse Program Resources:


Still can't open due to "slow" system or other issues?
Lincoln-Adams residents can contact the Extension Office for hard copy or make appointment for computer access from the office. 659-3209 or email

The official WA State 4-H Horse Projects have been revised for 2014:  

  • Equine Science
    - learn how to apply scientific learning to contexts beyond equine science and/or to raise questions and identify problems to be addressed using scientific inquiry
    - develop an animal care ethic and learn to select, care for, feed, and provide for the health of an animal
    - learn about equine science and how it applies to the aspects of STEM science
    - learn about different aspects of the equine science for career and/or college prep
    -learn about responsible horse activities related to environment, pasture management, water quality, and other ecosystems
    - demonstrate an understanding of the components of environmental stewardship as related to equine.
  • Horseless Horse
    For Primary aged ( K - 2nd grade) youth or older youth without horses. Youth must be at least in the 3rd grade and age 8 before Jan. 1 of the current 4-H year to ride, handle, or work around equines in 4-H program activities. Youth 3rd grade and older without horses may also enroll in the other horse projects.
  • Horsemanship
    - develop understanding of the responsibilities of taking care of equine.
    - increase knowledge of safety precautions to prevent injury to themselves, others, and their mounts
    -learn skills in horsemanship and an understanding of horse behavior, competition etiquette, and sportsmanship
    -learn and appreciate the value of all aspects of riding, including performance, western games, dressage, driving, trail riding, and other disciplines of riding
    -learn to ride, train, and handle a horse safely
    -understand horse behavior, colors and markings, proper riding seat, and correct use of the aids
    -learn to catch, groom, practice horsemanship, and handle and ride a horse safely

There are No official SEPARATE Performance, Western Games, Harness, Dressage, Rodeo Skills, Ranch Horse, etc. projects.

Recommended for each 4-H Horse family:
PNW587 4-H Horse Project Member Manual    

Download by chapter or entire publication. Or order print version from Oregon State University.

 4-H Horse Contest Guide  
 REVISED October 2012    On-line- download only!
Lincoln & Adams enrolled 4-H horse project leaders and members, unable to download/print file can contact Karen at 659-3209 or robertkat symbol to request 1 copy per household.

WA State 4-H Policy - Revised July 2012

Also Recommended
CCS Horse Project Series
Giddy Up & Go, Head, Heart & Hooves, Stable Relationships,
Riding the Range, Jumping to New Heights, Horse Helper’s Guide.
 (Note titles are "creative" - subject matter covers ALL areas of horsemanship.)

WA 4-H Horse Project Materials

WA 4-H Equine Additional Information

WSU Horse Publications (Order/download Pubs.)

4-H 1313, Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Manual PDF

National 4-H Supply (Top Left Key word search: Horse )

4-H Driving Manual
Lincoln-Adams Leaders of youth with an interest in harness/driving can contact Karen at the Extension Office for a copy if you are unable to download. This manual repalaces EM4881 Harness Driving Manual & Rules for Wa.State

Lincoln Co. 4-H Horse Program Policy (PDF File)  
REVISED 11-1-2010
Fair Horse Supplies Check List PDF     Word
Fair Horse Dept Rules - Lincoln (PDF)
Fair Horse Dept. Herdsmanship Guidelines - Lindoln PDF
Misc. Li-Adams 4-H Forms & Publications
Lincoln County 4-H Horse Program Meeting Minutes
(Non-web version) are available from the Extension Office. Contact Karen at 659-3209 or robertk @ (remove spaces).

MORE Resources:
Central WA Ag Team - Horse Resources

Equine Feedlease Agreement (PDF)     Word

WA State 4-H Publications (EM2778)

Oregon State 4-H Dressage Manual

4-H Guide for Training Horses Available from National 4-H Supply

4-H Horse Training Guide Book Cover 4-H Guide to Training Horses

Author: Nathan Bowers &
Katie Bowers Reiff
Training a horse is one of the biggest challenges a 4-H'r (or any animal lover, for that matter) can take on, and one of the most rewarding. This step-by-step illustrated guide offers the first-time horse trainer straightforward instructions for getting started with a foal, a yearling, or an older horse. With expert advice on safety and equine care, the guide covers the basics of establishing trust and authority, training with a bit, training to drive, training to allow riders, achieving different gaits, reaching definite goals, and breaking an old horse of bad habits. Whether you're a 4-H'er taking up the project of a lifetime, or someone simply interested in training a horse, this book provides all the information you need to get started—and to succeed.
Pages: 176
Price: $18.99


Need Phone # or Address for a 4-H Program Contact?
Request from Karen at 509-659-3209 or
(Contact information will be provided only for legitimate 4-H program/project management or educational use.)

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WA State 4-H Horseleaders Yahoo Group & List-serve
for Adults & teens interested in the 4-H Horse Program. Great source of info on events, horses & equipment wante/for sale, & discussion of issues.

Cartoon of horse & hay bale

Are you subscribed to the Lincoln-Adams 4-H email list-serve? Contact Karen for details.

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